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Retention of South African Citizenship during British Naturalization

Becoming a British national is an exciting endeavour, but for South Africans, there’s an important consideration to keep in mind: the retention of South African citizenship. Before applying for British naturalization, it’s crucial to understand how the process might impact your South African nationality and the steps you need to take to retain it.

Key Insights:

    1. Dual Nationality and South Africa: South Africa allows dual citizenship. However, if you intend to acquire a foreign citizenship, you must first apply to retain your South African citizenship. Failure to do so means you may unintentionally renounce your South African nationality upon gaining foreign citizenship.
    2. Application for Retention: Before applying for British naturalization, you must submit an application to the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa to retain your SA citizenship. This application involves completing the BI-1664 form and providing supporting documentation.
    3. Time Considerations: It’s advisable to start the retention process well in advance of your British naturalization application. The Department of Home Affairs processing times can vary, and having your retention confirmation in hand is crucial before proceeding with British naturalization.
    4. Consequences of Not Applying: If you acquire British citizenship without first obtaining permission to retain South African citizenship, you may be subject to the loss of your South African nationality. Reinstating it is possible but can be a lengthy process.
    5. Travel Considerations: Once you have both South African and British citizenship, it’s important to enter and exit South Africa using your South African passport.

Navigating the path of dual citizenship can be complex, but with thorough preparation and understanding, you can enjoy the benefits of both South African and British nationality. At Move Up, our experts are committed to guiding South Africans through this crucial step, ensuring that you can embrace your new British ties without severing your South African roots.

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