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British Nationality: Born in the UK

When the story of your life begins in the United Kingdom, it isn’t just a chapter in your personal tale; it can also be the opening line to your claim for British nationality. However, being born in the UK doesn’t automatically guarantee nationality, as eligibility is influenced by various conditions present at the time of your birth.

Over the decades, British nationality law has experienced transformations, and the entitlements of those born in the UK have been subject to these changes. This means understanding the specifics of your birth circumstances, including the status of your parents at the time, is crucial in deciphering your British nationality entitlements.

Whether you’re someone who has lived abroad for years and is seeking to reclaim your British roots, or you’re someone born in the UK to non-British parents, let Move Up illuminate your path to understanding and securing your birthright.

Key Points to Consider:

    1. Date of birth: When you were born plays a role. For instance, individuals born in the UK after January 1, 1983, may have different entitlements compared to those born before this date.
    2. Parental status: Were your parents British citizens or settled in the UK when you were born?
    3. Immigration status: If born after 1983 to non-British parents, certain residency requirements might apply.

Embarking on the quest for British nationality can be intricate, but with Move Up by your side, you’re not alone in this journey.

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