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Overview of Our Consultation Process

At Move Up, we believe in a transparent and accessible approach. To start, we provide free email and online assessments for preliminary insights. However, for a comprehensive and tailored understanding of your unique circumstances, our consultations offer the in-depth expertise you seek.

Each consultation is an hour-long deep dive into your specific case and its qualifying criteria. This not only offers clarity but also serves as an opportunity to outline a clear path forward. Moreover, the cost of this consultation will be discounted from our case fee, should we confirm your eligibility and you decide to let us represent you in your claim.

Benefits of Professional Consultation
Every British nationality and passport case is unique. Our professional consultation ensures you understand every facet of your claim, avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring the strongest possible application.

Booking Procedure
Setting up a consultation with our experts is simple. Click on the “Book a Consultation” button, choose your preferred time, and let’s begin your journey towards British nationality and passport clarity.


Have Questions?
Explore our step-by-step guides, FAQs, and resources to get a better understanding of our processes and what to expect.

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