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At Move Up, we’re not just experts in British nationality and passport services – we’re passionate advocates for every individual seeking their rightful path to British nationality. With a team that’s both knowledgeable and fervent about the intricacies of British nationality law, we stand alongside every South African, guiding them through each step, ensuring they’re not alone in this journey.

Meet Our Dedicated Team:

Gwen Vermeulen
Litigation Attorney & British Nationality Law Specialist
With a keen eye for the nuances in British nationality law and a heart committed to the cause, Gwen leads our legal team with unmatched passion. Her dedication ensures that every client gets the best possible advice and direction in navigating the intricacies of British nationality claims.


Linda Cottrell
Manager, British Passport Division
Leading the core of our operations, Linda manages our British passport division with precision and an unwavering commitment to our clients. With years of experience, she ensures that each application is handled with utmost care, guaranteeing the best outcome for all our clients.


Melanie Langwood
British Passport Coordinator
Handling the intricate logistics of passport applications, Melanie is the engine that keeps Move Up’s passport processes running smoothly. Her attention to detail and organizational skills ensure every client’s passport journey is seamless and hassle-free.

Our Mission
At Move Up, we believe that every individual has a unique story and a rightful claim to their British heritage. With our team’s combined expertise and heart, we commit to turning those stories into successful nationality claims, making dreams a reality.

Let our team guide you in your British nationality journey. Because at Move Up, you’re not just another application – you’re family.

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